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Several people have asked me why I decided to run for County Supervisor for the 7th district. My reply is because I am connected to the people and I want to be their voice. 

Kenneth Ginlack - MSW, APSW, CSAC, ICS

For County Supervisor 7th District

Through social services, I have served for more than 10 years in the trenches with the people advocating for their needs to improve their quality of life.

The mission of the Board of Supervisors is to enhance self-sufficiency, personal safety, economic opportunity and quality of life of the citizens of Milwaukee County. The residents I have spoken to in 7th district is asking for this mission to be fulfilled. I will like to help the residents become self-sufficient by addressing issues employment issues, I would like to help make the parks safe for families to enjoy, I will like to see the county provide transportation to and from employers, I will like to be the voice of the people. Why because I am connected to the people in my community. 

I am employed at Genesis Behavior Services as Program Coordinator where I supervise clinical staff in a twelve-bed facility for men in corrections diagnosed with co-occurring disorders. I also serve as an Ad-Hoc Instructor at University of Wisconsin Continuing Education where I instruct other Professionals on Clinical Supervision skills required by the state. I currently sit on the board of Directors for SALS Recovery Houses & Coaching and Previously was the vice president on the Board of Directors for Daystar Inc. I was the recipient of the President’s Award at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) in 2012 for my academic achievements and outstanding work in the community.  
I have an extensive background in working with youth who are living in community living arrangements.
 My affiliations in the community include working with at-risk youth at Revive Youth and Family Services, where I oversee the Substance Abuse program and the Juvenile Cognitive Intervention Program (JCIP). Along with my work with adolescents I volunteer to various non-profit agencies throughout Milwaukee.

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